EFT & Reiki

I am the Spelthorne Business Award Winner for Healthy Business for both EFT and Reiki

In 2023 after 19 years of being a Reiki Practitioner I have now completed my Reiki Master/Teacher (Level III)

Special offer:

REIKI I (One to One) training £150 instead of £175

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Are you feeling stuck in a rut?  Can’t quite figure out what’s holding you back? Or do you have any habits or phobias you would love to break?  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help you.

With EFT you can discover the root cause of your negative feelings and emotions – the things that you might not even know are impacting your life on a regular basis.

I can help you to release these feelings and emotions so that you can find a different way of thinking and look forward to a new positive life.

3 x 1 hour sessions £130

3 x 45 minute session for children £100

3 x 1.5 hour session £175

                                1 hour      £50

                                1.5 hour   £65


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Reiki, Usui System, is a completely natural, non-intrusive, healing therapy that is open to any belief system.  It is a universal energy that can only used for good.

.Reiki enhances relaxation, and can help to reduce anxiety & stress and promote healing.

45 minute session  £40

Reiki 1 (one to one) training, special price £150 

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“I’ve only had a couple of sessions with Tracy and I can already feel the benefits. We worked on my stress and anxiety at work the therapy really help me focus on the positive and the tools to manage my stress at work.”

Sara T


I have always struggled with my weight and over the years have tried so many diets and found myself always sooner rather then later back to the weight I started. I decided to try something different. I have seen Tracy for her 6-week session and not only have I lost over 2 stones but also have manager to keep it off.  She has, through her sessions broken my bad habits with food and given me positives ways to keep on track. Tracy has supported me throughout the process and has help me succeed in my weight loss journey. Tracy has been amazing, she is so loving and calm and always so understanding and supportive, I can’t recommend Tracy enough. She has given me my Mojo back. Thank you, x,




I was first introduced to Tracy and EFT through Ashford Youth Centre, when Tracy kindly offer introduction to EFT free of charge.
As a mother of pre-teen daughter who is going through mental and physical changes I decided to give it a go.
Tracy taught my daughter (and myself) how to remain calm and relaxed in difficult and stressful situations using EFT. Through the therapy I saw my child opening up and accepting herself more, as she would talking to just me. Because of that, I can relate to some of her worries better and help her more in this difficult stage of her growing up.
Both, myself and my daughter, find it very easy to talk to Tracy, as she is a very good listener, reassuring and simply friendly.

When I was first introduced to this whole EFT thing I was really scared. Then when I was introduced to Tracy I felt much calmer as she is very nice and understanding. When my first came to an end I felt better about myself and more at ease. When I am stressed I would use the method I most prefer to calm me down. Having these therapy sessions has really helped me during stressful times and I appreciate having these sessions.

anonymous mum and 10 year old daughter



“I’m Harry and I’m 13, I have suffered with Anxiety for a while now. I met Tracy at the youth club with my mum and she taught us about EFT.

I felt the session was very good and the techniques were really helpful. I have used the tapping whilst at school and sometimes before I go to sleep. It is very calming and gives me time to think my calmly about what I’m worried about.

Tracy is really nice and supportive, she made me feel very comfortable and I am really glad that I had the chance to experience EFT, it is a tool I’ll use throughout my life. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers with anxiety. At the moment I’m in a really good place but if I felt my anxiety getting worse or if I was worried about something I would tell my mum and ask to see Tracy.”

Harry 13 year old

Thanks for all your lovely reviews. I am so happy to have helped you, please continue to work on yourselves, your worth it.